The purpose of the Open Mandala is to provide a framework for wellness, healing, personal growth and fulfillment

At the Center

At the center of the mandala is knowing what your want, value, love, and trust. 

Wellness Matrix

Framing the center are a set of squares, which represent 4 fundamental ways that you can cultivate yourself:

You can train in awareness; think simply; tune your attitude; and practice healthy actions.

Your personal wellness comes when you integrate/coordinate your resources to fulfill your values and vision.  Your "inner resources" include your awareness, intelligence, life force, and ability to love/care.

The Open Mandala provides a methodology for cultivating wellness through meditation, reflection, attitude, and action.

The Diamonds of Fulfillment

To succeed, you need to offer something of value to others.  Whether you provide something tangible or intangible may not matter; but you need to provide something others want.

The Open Mandala provides a framework that helps you understand possibility, find resources, organize-to-optimize, and transform assets to benefits.

The Rays of Inner Leadership

 The Open Mandala helps you live your life from the inside out, communicate well, work as part of a team, and lead by example.