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Western Philosophy, Psychology, and Science 

Tom was a philosophy major at Princeton University, when he began to practice meditation and yoga.  The benefits were so immediate, that he decided to develop a yoga-based curriculum to teach wellness and personal growth.   He then enrolled in the U Mass School of Ed, where he got a degree in curriculum development.  After a few years teaching, he decided he had a lot more to learn than to teach ... 



Classical Buddhist Meditation

Tom studied Buddhist meditation intensively in the 70's and 80's. He received instructions and empowerments from Kalu Rinpoche, Trungpa Rinpoche, and other teachers in the Karma Kagyu tradition.  He took his Bodhisattva Vows with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Tom also practiced  the Vipassana method taught by SN Goenka intensively and exclusively for 12 years.



Classical Yoga

For several years (1969-79), Tom practiced yoga alone at home, experiencing the benefits of daily practice.  

Understanding the potential benefits of Yoga Therapy, he decided to go to chiropractic school (in 1980) to study the body--- its structure and function--- and to learn how the body heals. While at chiropractic school, Tom met the Iyengar method of yoga.

In 1981, he began his studies with Ramanand Patel.  Ramanand's careful and precise teaching formed the foundation for Tom's work in Yoga Therapy. 

In 1987, Tom met and began to study directly with Mr. Iyengar, and the Iyengar method continues to permeate Tom's therapeutic work.


Contemporary Manual Therapies

Tom is a gifted healer.  He has studied a full spectrum of manual therapies, including several chiropractic and osteopathic methodologies.  He combines manual therapy with yoga and meditation instruction to help his patients heal.

Even with 35 years of experience, he continues to study and improve ...